the foundation of the capital of metal

music education
in finland

Finnish schoolchildren and Finland’s comprehensive school system have repeatedly ranked at the top of the global PISA survey. It is the regular, public schools which makes Finland’s educational system world leading.

Finland is known for its social equality. One of the benefits of this is that every child, no matter their socio-economic position, has a solid education which also includes the opportunity to learn music.

Music is a mandatory subject for all children in Finland for the first seven years of their schooling and it continues on as an elective in the upper secondary years. First it is taught by general classroom teachers, and then by specialised teachers in the three final years

The Finnish education system and public sector plays a significant role in building the Finnish metal scene, which stretches from class room to band clubs, shows, special musical classes up to the streets in the cities where youth programs are offered by the public sector. Cities offer facilities for young bands to practise, guidance on how to form a band and develop further.

During our campaign we will share the experience of the metal bands participating this project about the impact of the public sector to their career.