“Come to Latin america”

Finnish band competition

Finland is the home of heavy metal. It boasts more than 53 metal bands for every 100,000 inhabitants – more than any other nation in the world.

Right now, Latin America has the fastest growing music markets in the world, according to The International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI). Finnish metal bands are right at home in Latin America, with a dozen metal bands on tour in the region. But this is only the tip of the metal iceberg – in Finland we have more than 2000 metal bands.

It’s time to share our heavy metal!

“Come to Latin America” is a Finnish metal band contest, funded by the Ministry of Culture and Education of Finland.

We are going to showcase the best current Finnish underground rock and metal bands to a Latin American audience.

In Finland, metal music is part of our mainstream culture. It has a place even in schools, churches, and the police force! We have metal bands for children, and large metal festivals have free access for seniors over the age of 65.There is no doubt that Finland is the metal capital of the world.

About the contest

Three up-and-coming bands have made it to the final round of the contest. They will star in a metal social media campaign in Latin America, where local fans will vote for the overall winner! The campaign lasts until 2nd August 2022.

The winning band will be awarded with a global digital distribution deal with Blood Blast Distribution.

This is the final stage of a contest which started with a list of 136 bands, scouted by 50 specialist journalists across leading Finnish metal music media.

The second stage resulted a shortlist of ten represented bands that were named most frequently, according to Finnish metal music media and detailed analysis by our partners, record company Nuclear Blast South America, and distribution company Blood Blast.

The third stage included that the list of ten was presented to an extensive Latin American jury of about 100, including festivals, radio stations, mainstream media, music media, and key influencers. They voted for the three who will now star in the first Latin American metal social campaign.

Now it’s you turn to vote!